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Welcome to BG TAXI.EU - Bulgarian taxi and transport gateway!

Our site is already the biggest in Bulgaria catalogue of taxis and light commercial services. On April 30, 2008 received Google PageRank 3 of a July 27, 2008 received Google PageRank 4!

We offer for Free:

  * Announcements of fees and transportation companies
  * Effective page prezentirashta your transport fees or business on our site
  * FREE separate page for each company
  * Two language of your page - in English and bulgarian
  * Order by category
  * Order in cities within categories
  * Evaluation of each company by users
  * Post comments on any charges or transport company
  * Perfect visibility on the Internet and Google
  * Two pages of text (of the bulgarian) and two (in English) - and four to six (6) pictures to be uploaded by our staff at the site in your business 

Important: On our site we accept publications and ads from categories:

  * taxi transport
  * Light transport
  * Heavy goods transport
  * Transport services
  * Shipping companies
  * Passenger services and agencies 

Why has created this Web site?

Our site was created entirely in the service of all taxi and transportation companies in Bulgaria.  If you have any charges or transport company is not required to pay for expensive web sites, web design companies and to rent expensive costly highly qualified specialists. We will present your business in the manner you like you, with your pictures and fully with your words.

If you are not enough two pages text and photos 5, otpravete request to our team and will be offered for tender VIP client, which will limit the number of photos of their size and quantity of text page of each company. We will get more and animated banner (or flash animated gif) and in efektno presentation!  Will be separated and place of the most visible part of the site and the category.

Additional options are:

  * release of several opinion polls for the people of your business
  * impressive banners, having calculated the number and the number klikaniya impressions on the Banner
  * receive e-mail account on our site
  * Most importantly: Get subdomeyn on our site, leading to 20-30% better results in a Google search for your business and your business. 

Examples of subdomeyni: (not klikayte on them are not active yet)

  * http:// your-business. bgtaxi.eu
  * http://taxi-xxx-varna.bgtaxi.eu
  * http://taxi-1dollar-sofia.bgtaxi.eu
  * http://taxi-1280-sofia.bgtaxi.eu
  * http://omega-trans-taxi-sofia.bgtaxi.eu 

The site will be dependent solely on advertising for VIP customers and advertising will be razpolagana only in the general area of the site. Whatever the paid advertisement will not be razpolagana inside your page!

How all this happens?

  1. Sign up for site
  2. Ads to unregistered users not be published!
  3. Send us your desired text and photos at Този е-мейл адрес е защитен от спам ботове, трябва ДжаваСкрипт поддръжка за да го видите
  4. Type the text exactly the way you want to be located in the site
  5. Describe the location of the photos to the text
  6. Size of pictures should be up to 600 of 400 pixels width / height
  7. The size of each photo must be under 100 kilobytes / kb
  8. Форматът на снимките трябва да е .jpg или .gif The format of the photos should be. Jpg or. Gif
  9. For best appearance and make miniatures of the pictures (thumbnails copies)
  10. The width of miniatyurite must be 150 pixels
  11. The combination of two images - photos and minatyura, counts for one picture
  12. In the free ads you five such combinations - a photo with its miniatyura
  13. Very good idea is one of the photos is the logo of your business
  14. Do not forget to send us a text in English and if you want your page to be viewable from anglogovoryashti users
  15. Texts with a large number of spelling errors will not be published
  16. Team site reserves the right not to publish photos that do not meet those conditions 

bgtaxi.eu Team
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